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ImuPro Food Intolerance Test

ImuPro Food Intolerance Test

ImuPro Food Intolerance Test

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If you suspect you suffer from food intolerance, the ImuPro test is a great functional health tool which can help you to pinpoint foods which could be triggering underlying inflammation.

The test analyses your blood serum against common trigger foods to determine the presence of IgG antibodies against each individual foodstuff. You will then receive a detailed report categorising your reaction to each food as either "not elevated", "elevated" or "highly elevated". You will also be provided with a personal nutrition guide to allow you to effectively manage your diet based on your test results.

Are you suffering from any of the symptoms below?

You may be suffering delayed IgG food intolerances if:

  • You often feel tired after a meal,
  • You experience flatulence, bloating, diarrhoea or irritable bowel syndrome,
  • You have weight problems,
  • Your complaints get better if you fast,
  • You are plagued by inflammatory skin conditions or itching,
  • You suffer from a migraine, chronic fatigue or even depression,
  • You suspect you might have a gluten (wheat) intolerance,

What is an IgG Food Intolerance

In someone with an IgG food intolerance, the immune system wrongly perceives certain foods as being an invading pathogen and fires up the immune system to fight them. This triggers inflammation which settles in different parts of the body, causing symptoms within hours - or even days - after eating the problem foods.

What does ImuPro test for?

When a food intolerance occurs, your body produces IgG antibodies in the blood which bind with food or additive components. Using a single sample of your blood, this test measures the level of these bound IgG antibodies. This allows you to find out if you have a food intolerance to certain individual foods, and how to reduce inflammation which drives many symptoms.

Which foods are analysed?

The test analyses highly common foodstuffs including gluten, dairy products and eggs. You can find a list of the foods tested HERE.

What do I get with my results?

  • Comprehensive report containing accurate “at a glance“ results for all 90 tested foods
  • Personalised nutritional guide
  • Individual recommendations for your 4-day rotation
  • Helpful wallet card showing IgG reactive foods
  • Practical tips for everyday life

The 4 Step Food Sensitivity At-Home Test Process:

Food Test Step 1


Order your kit online & receive your digital bonuses instantly!

Food Test Step 2


The test kit will be shipped to your door.

Food Test Step 3


After 2 hours of fasting, take your kit to your local health practitioner to be tested & send your results away.

Food Test Step 4


Within 14 days, your results will be emailed to you!

ImuPro Basic

ImuPro Basic


  • Tests 90 Foods
  • Comprehensive report
  • Personalised nutritional guide
  • 4-day rotation meal plan
  • Practical tips for everyday life

ImuPro Complete

ImuPro Complete


  • Tests 270 Foods
  • Comprehensive report
  • Personalised nutritional guide
  • 4-day rotation meal plan
  • Practical tips for everyday life