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Food Matters Beauty Bible Book

Food Matters Beauty Bible Book
Food Matters Beauty Bible Book
Food Matters Beauty Bible Book

Food Matters Beauty Bible Book

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The Beauty Bible is your ultimate guide to looking and feeling like a natural goddess every day!

A little known-truth of natural beauty is that the health of your gut has a direct and immensely powerful effect on the way you look and feel. With 70% of our immune system residing in our gut, we need to understand that our skin, hair, and body are a mirror of what’s going on inside us.

Through DIY recipes, delicious smoothies, health guides, and little-known beauty secrets, The Beauty Bible will take you by the hand into a world of more self love, radiance, and natural good looks.

This book is about helping you to help yourself, using a holistic and natural approach. With ancient, natural, and organic ingredients, you have the power to completely transform the way you look and feel!

Inside the "Natural Beauty Bible" you will discover:

  • 30+ beauty-boosting recipes
  • What essential oils to use to make your skin glow
  • How to shop for personal care products
  • Bad skin habits you need to quit immediately
  • Supplements to combat anti-ageing
  • Foods to make you glow like a goddess
  • And so much more!!

This beautiful book is overflowing with inspiration including incredible DIY recipes to make you glow from the inside, out! There are “beau-teas”, lotions, scrubs, face masks, meals, snacks, smoothies, and more!

We know that beauty happens from the inside out, and that we can naturally transform the way we look and feel, we just need the right tools to do it! The Beauty Bible is the guide that will help you feel like a natural goddess every day!