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Food Matters Gut Matters Book

Food Matters Gut Matters Book
Food Matters Gut Matters Book
Food Matters Gut Matters Book

Food Matters Gut Matters Book

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Hippocrates once said “all disease begins within the gut.” So whether you’re suffering from a chronic disease, battling a whole host of allergies, or simply needing more energy and sparkle, spending some time getting acquainted with your digestive system is imperative to your health and wellbeing.

The Gut Matters book is a great starting point to understanding how our inner ecological system works and what action steps we can take right now to help promote a healthy & thriving gut.

And of course, who doesn’t love delicious recipes that can help heal your body?! The second half of this book is a collection of our favorite gut-loving recipes that you can start making at home today.

The "Gut Matters" Book covers topics such as:

  • 30+ incredible gut-healing recipes
  • Why your gut health matters
  • Why certain foods and stress affects your gut health
  • The top signs to look for to see if you have an unhealthy gut
  • What supplements to take for optimal gut health
  • Daily habits for a healthy gut
  • And so much more!

It's packed with so much information and inspiration, we’re sure you're going to love this beautiful book! Half of the book is dedicated informing you about healing your gut, and the other half is full of delicious gut healing recipes; from drinks, broths and tonics, to meals, snacks and desserts. There’s even a whole recipe section just on Apple Cider Vinegar! Your kitchen is going to be overflowing with gut-loving goodness! Two of our all time favorites are the Gut-Loving Vietnamese Pho and the Silky-Smooth Cacao Mousse! We’re getting hungry just thinking about them!