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Genomic Wellness Test

Genomic Wellness Test

Genomic Wellness Test

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Our genetics play a huge role in how our health unfolds as we age, but until now, there’s been no way to know exactly what aspects of our own diet and lifestyle affects us the most! With smartDNA, you can discover your unique genetic story and have one of our world class Registered Health Experts explain your results, to help you develop a wellness plan that works with - not against - your genes.

James Laurentine

"Have you found that you’ve been eating well for many years and generally feel great but you’re wanting to take your health to the next level? Up until recently, I was eating according to what I thought I should eat, until I found this test! What a surprise it was to discover that my genes are easily ‘switched on’ for inflammation! Thankfully, this test has given me an early opportunity to make the diet and lifestyle changes that will help reduce my risk of chronic diseases specific to my genetic makeup. The first step to wellness is knowing exactly what works for your body, and this test is the ultimate place to start!" 
- James Colquhoun

Personalized Nutrition Based On Your Genomic Profile

Imagine knowing exactly what you should be eating as an individual for optimal wellness. Discover what your genes say about your personal risk for an entire range of health issues and work with one of our incredible naturopaths to develop practical diet and lifestyle changes to take your health to the next level! 

With precise insight into your unique genetic makeup, our Registered Health Experts are able to:

  • Design a nutritional program that’s perfectly tailored to your body’s needs
  • Create preventative strategies for long-term health
  • Understand your specific dietary needs
  • Develop more effective weight management plans
  • Evaluate your inflammatory response to reduce your risk of various diseases
  • Find out how well your body detoxifies environmental toxins and teach you how to manage this
  • Understand your hormone metabolism pathway
  • Analyze your stress response and teach you how to better manage mental and environmental stressors in your life

Reduce Your Risk Of Common Health Issues

The Genomic Wellness Test is the most affordable, scientifically up to date and comprehensive analysis available! There's no confusion either, your consultation with one of our friendly health experts will ensure you know exactly what to do with this critical information. All you need to do is send a sample of your saliva!

The test investigates over 100 DNA changes affecting: 

  • Fat Metabolism
  • Risk of Metabolic Syndrome
  • Risk of Diabetes
  • Salt Sensitivity
  • Levels of CoQ10
  • Levels of Omega 3 & Omega 6
  • Levels of Dietary Vitamins
  • Methylation, Folate & Cofactors
  • Risk of Choline Deficiency
  • Caffeine Metabolism
  • Risk of Coeliac Disease
  • Likelihood of Lactose Intolerance
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Phase I & II Detoxification
  • Weight Management
  • Stress Responses
  • Sleep & Seasonal Variation 

A World-Class Registered Health Practitioner To Guide You To Optimal Health

Have you ever had a health test done, only to realize you're not quite sure what it all means? Or you weren't sure how to implement the changes required? We've been there before! That's why we've enlisted the help of 4 brilliant registered health practitioners across Australia to guide you step by step through your results.

When you order a test like the Genomic Wellness Test from Food Matters, you'll never be left to decipher your results alone. The health practitioner closest to your location will be notified once you've ordered your test and they will be in touch to arrange your appointment.

Once you take the test, your results will be mailed to the same health practitioner for your consultation. This can be in person, via telephone or Skype. You'll be completely supported throughout the entire process.

When Can You Expect To See Results And Start Feeling Better?

You can expect to receive your tests results within 3-4 weeks. Many people experience an improvement in their health and wellbeing within the first 2 weeks. However, the time it takes for your health to improve will depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • How strictly you follow the guidelines given based upon your test results,
  • Your body's ability to adapt to change, which can be influenced by your age, gender, lifestyle choices and more,
  • And/or whether or not there is another health condition impacting your body's ability to heal.

Don't be disheartened if it takes you a little longer to reach the level of health that you're aiming for. These things take time and we're here for you every step of the way! Taking the Genomic Wellness Test is the ultimate tool to kickstart your personal health plan and help you get the results you deserve. 

PLUS, in addition to Genomic Wellness Test, you also get:

  • Gut Matters E-Book - Are you suffering from gut related issues? Begin to understand your inner ecological system and discover the action steps you can take right now to help promote a healthy & thriving gut!
  • The Natural Beauty Bible E-Book - Are you suffering from skin conditions? Through DIY recipes, delicious smoothies, health guides, and little-known beauty secrets, we’ll take you by the hand into a world of more self love, radiance, and natural good looks.

What Is Included?

Once your Genomic Wellness Test results are available, you’ll work one-on-one with one of our world-class health practitioners to develop a nutrition and wellness plan that is perfectly tailored to your unique genetic profile and personal risk factors.

How does it work?

  1. Place your order online.
  2. Your Patient Pack will be shipped to you the next business day.
  3. Follow the specific instructions enclosed for testing.
  4. Send your saliva test off to the lab for processing.
  5. The health practitioner closest to you will be in touch to arrange a consultation via telephone, Skype or in person.
  6. Copies of your test results will be sent to both you and the health practitioner.
  7. The health practitioner will then guide you through your results so you can create your very own health program tailored to your unique DNA!