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Mikaela M

Mikaela M

Mikaela M

Mikaela is a Clinical Nutritionist with an overwhelming passion for using nature in combination with evidence based science to achieve optimal wellness. She specializes in hormone and thyroid conditions, digestive conditions, diabetes, mental & emotional health. Her goal is to inspire and empower people to take control of their own health and become the healthiest version of themselves.

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About Mikaela

Hi, I’m Mikaela, a Clinical Nutritionist with an overwhelming passion for using nature in combination with evidence based science to heal the body and achieve optimal wellness. I have always had a fascination in the pure magic of our bodies and a curiosity for using food as medicine. Together with my natural empathy towards people and genuine care for others I discovered Clinical Nutrition and completed a Bachelor degree in Nutritional Medicine at Endeavour College of Natural Health. I have also completed a graduate certificate in health promotion and a Master’s in Public Health Nutrition.

My own personal health journey, suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome coupled with digestive issues and anxiety, has helped me to become a dedicated and understanding health practitioner. I was told over and over again that there was nothing I could do to improve my conditions however, after learning about power of nutrition and implementing all that I was learning into my life, my health is the best it has ever been.

My goal is to help inspire and empower people to take control of their own health and become the healthiest version of themselves. I do this by educating and helping clients to understand their health issue and what diet and lifestyle factors may be exacerbating their symptoms.

I have a very big emphasis on flexibility in my own lifestyle and I carry this forward into my clinical practice by always ensuring I meet the unique challenges and needs of each individual. I listen to client’s stories to help uncover the underlying cause of their health issue. I then develop a practical treatment plan, incorporating the use of diet and lifestyle modifications, nutritional medicine and functional testing to make long-lasting changes that will strengthen the body’s ability to heal itself.

I have supported the health journey of many people, with a wide variety of health conditions, however my clinical practice has focused on hormone and thyroid health, digestive health, mental health and metabolic conditions such as diabetes. I have also developed a particular interest in gut health and its ability to impact our overall health, specifically the gut, brain connection.

For me nutrition is far more than just calories in and out. I do not promote one diet fits all, counting calories or food restriction. Nutrition is about eating and properly digesting high quality nutrient rich foods that make you feel amazing. I also consider a person’s lifestyle, mental health, environment and genetics to be just as important as their food and therefore these factors are always considered.

I have learned that one of the biggest motivators for living a holistic healthy lifestyle begins with loving your body and treating it with respect. Once you have achieved this, the feeling you get from living a healthy life is the simplest motivation to continue this lifestyle. It would be an honor to work with you so that you can experience what if feels like to radiate health from the inside out.

Education & Certifications
  • Bachelor of Health Science - Nutritional Medicine, 2017
    Endeavour College of Natural Health
  • Masters of Public Health - Public Health Nutrition Stream, 2010
    Flinders University
  • Graduate Certificate in Health Promotion, 2009
    Flinders University
  • Bachelor of Health Science - double major in Public Health, 2008
    University of Adelaide


  • Gut health - bloating, constipation, IBS, SIBO, gut permeability
  • Mood disorders - anxiety, depression and stress
  • Female health - hormone imbalances, PCOS, Endometriosis
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Acne
  • Thyroid health - hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism
  • Fatigue and sleep disorders
  • Metabolic Syndrome - diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Weight loss and dietary planning
  • Men's hormonal imbalances
  • Immune disorders
  • Allergies
  • Intolerances


Mikaela is located in Australia and has 70 available client spots.

Click here to contact Mikaela M and find out about her availability.

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