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Mirthe E

Mirthe E

Mirthe E

Mirthe is a Functional Medicine Practitioner passionate about facilitating people to achieve the best possible version of themselves. She loves to facilitate thriving – from preparing for a healthy pregnancy, helping women balance hormones and avoiding PMS or anxiety, preventing cognitive decline, to optimizing mental and physical performance and wellbeing.

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About Mirthe

Mirthe is passionate about facilitating the best possible version of yourself. Having travelled the world with elite athletes like the Olympic Winter Team and Worldtour Surfers, high profile executives in the business world, and being the auntie and friend to adorable children and people, she thrives to help each walk of life achieve their individual optimum.

Confronted with the debilitating symptoms of the autoimmune disease Crohn’s early on it life, followed by an early burnout and hormonal imbalances, she embarked on the search for alternative methods to get better from a young age. Growing up in a family where yoga, meditation, herbal medicine and organic foods were the norm, she started to practice these as a means to help her symptoms, involving a lot of trial and error. However it was only after completion of her Health Science degree that she had the tools to properly dive into the scientific literature, and within months of applying the evidence based strategies found, her illness completely cleared up. This has since lead to her studying to become a Functional Medicine Practitioner, with the strong desire to help other people achieve their personal best, and lead a happy, healthy and pain free life.

Some of her specific areas of interest include genetic diet & lifestyle consultations, which allow to determine genetic weaknesses and how to bypass and strengthen these with ‘epigenetic’ factors (diet, lifestyle and environment), female hormone balancing such as in cases of PMS, infertility, endometriosis, anxiety, ‘burnout’ and preparing mothers for a healthy and optimal conception and pregnancy. She views 'anti-aging' healthcare as a means to not only slow or prevent the onset of chronic disease and external signs of 'aging', but also to optimize health as to thrive and enjoy a quality of life with physical and mental performance and wellbeing.

Education & Certifications
  • Bachelor of Science (Health), 2011
    University of Applied Sciences Groningen
  • Functional Medicine Diploma, 2017
    Functional Medicine University
  • BA International Physiotherapy, 2011
    Hanzehogeschool Groningen
  • Methylation & Clinical Nutrigenomics Certification, 2017
    Seeking Health Institute


  • Female Hormonal Conditions (PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis and others)
  • Infertility and Optimal Conception Preparation
  • Auto-immune conditions
  • Nutrigenomics & Genetic Lifestyle Analysis
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Burnout
  • ADHD
  • 'Anti- Aging'

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Other Chronic Musculoskeletal Conditions such as slowed recovery from injuries
  • IBS
  • IBD; such as Ulcerative Colitis & Crohn's
  • Thyroid Disorders
  • Inability to Loose Weight
  • Candida
  • SIBO


Mirthe is located in Switzerland and has 60 available client spots.

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