• Superfood Complete Pack
  • Superfood Complete Pack
  • Superfood Complete Pack
  • Superfood Complete Pack
  • Superfood Complete Pack

Superfood Complete Pack

The Food Matters Superfood Complete Pack includes all of the favorite superfoods in one easy bundle. It's the complete superfood experience. From decadent Chocolate, cleansing Greens, immune-boosting Vitamin C and nourishing Protein, your body will love this superfood feast! Order them together and save, including FREE SHIPPING!

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The Food Matters Superfood Complete Pack includes all of the favorite superfoods in one easy bundle. It's the complete superfood experience. From decadent Chocolate, cleansing Greens, immune-boosting Vitamin C and nourishing Protein, your body will love this superfood feast!

All of the Superfood Blends are made with the world's highest quality, 100% certified organic and natural ingredients - completely free from artificial flavors, colors, fillers and stevia.

Because four is better than one!
Discover a little bit about each of the blends below.

Food Matters Superfood Greens

Ever Wondered Why You Feel So Good After Eating Greens?

That undeniable energy high comes from their chlorophyll content and the incredible influx of nutrients that enrich every cell of your body!

  • ALKALIZE - Green grasses support your body’s healthy blood pH balance! They’re so full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nourishing plant compounds, that they quickly help your body return to an alkaline state.
  • CLEANSE -Green algaes are powerful body cleansers! The high levels of chlorophyll in chlorella and spirulina help to cleanse the bowels and liver, sweeping the blood clean of toxins, and ensuring clear skin.
  • ENERGIZE - A green juice is one of the quickest ways to flood your body with energizing nutrients! The combination of hydration, easily absorbed vitamins and minerals, and oxygenating chlorophyll create a potent mix for maximum energy support.

What Makes Superfood Greens Unique?

A green juice is one the of quickest ways to flood your body with energizing nutrients, but it has to taste great! We’ve combined ultra-potent, chlorophyll-rich grass juice and algae powders, with lucuma, mesquite, vanilla and cinnamon for the most vibrant and delicious, natural energy boost!


Wheat Grass, Barley Grass & Alfalfa Grass

Our grass juice powders are made from the cold pressed juice of organic grasses which are then dried raw and powdered for maximum nutrient retention. 

Spirulina & Chlorella

These premium organic algae are high in protein, easily absorbable by the body and certified low lead and non-irradiated.

Mesquite, Vanilla & Cinnamon

This mineral rich blend takes the green grasses and algae to a totally new level adding flavor, depth and drinkability


Why Are Grass Juice Powders Better Than Regular Grass Powders?

When putting this blend together we discovered the REAL truth about how most grass blends are processed. When you walk into your local health food store you'll see green superfood blends ranging from $19 right up to $97 and many seem to have similar ingredients... so what's going on?

It's all got to do with how the grasses are grown, prepared and processed. Most products use cheaper GRASS POWDER by CUTTING then DRYING the whole grass. This results in a bulkier powder which is cheaper, harsher on the throat and has less overall nutrient density. 

Premium products use more expensive GRASS JUICE POWDER meaning they CUT the grass then COLD PRESS JUICE the grass then LOW TEMPERATURE DRY the juice. This results in a richer finer green grass blend with a higher overall nutrient density and is 100% RAW. It mixes into water completely and is the closest thing you can get to a fresh wheatgrass juice shot. 

Grass powder


  • Bulkier and cheaper to produce
  • Harsh on the throat
  • Pound for pound, fewer nutrients than grass juice powder

Grass juice powder


  • Higher nutrient density
  • Dissolves in water
  • 100% raw

Getting your daily greens is easy when you supercharge your health and energize your day with our hassle free Superfood Greens!

Discover more about the Superfood Greens Blend here.



Food Matters Superfood Chocolate

What Makes This Superfood Chocolate Unique?

It’s all in the ingredients!

Most chocolate drink blends use low grade cocoa which has been ‘Dutch processed’ destroying antioxidants and key nutrients, and are then paired with other inflammatory, harmful ingredients!

If you’re craving chocolate, it’s easy to give in and opt for the commercial kinds, only to find yourself stuck feeling sick and regretting your decision later! How you feel after having chocolate all comes down to the quality and types of ingredients manufacturers use. Most chocolate drink blends use low grade cocoa which has been ‘Dutch processed’ destroying antioxidants and key nutrients, and are then paired with other inflammatory, harmful ingredients!

Choosing a simple mix of high quality wholefood ingredients that your body will love is a sure fire way to get your chocolate fix and feel amazing afterwards!

Commercial chocolate drinks typically contain:

  • Artificial colors and flavors
  • Unnecessary additives and preservatives
  • Minimal antioxidants
  • Lots of refined sugar
  • Low grade cocoa, potentially genetically engineered
  • Dairy products which can inhibit the health-promoting properties of cacao
  • Cocoa that has undergone high heat processing or ‘Dutch processed’ stripping it of nutrients

Our Superfood Chocolate blend contains:

  • All natural ingredients with mood boosting properties
  • Verified Raw, Certified Organic Cacao processed under 118°F to retain maximum nutrients
  • Low-GI, mineral-rich coconut palm sugar
  • Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, Tahitian vanilla bean
  • A pinch of pure Himalayan sea salt
  • Nothing artificial
  • No dairy products

Only The Finest Ingredients

Our blend contains only the finest ingredients to bring you a decadent chocolate experience naturally brimming with health benefits!


Verified Raw Cacao

We use the only Verified Raw cacao in the world, processed below 118°F to ensure it’s potent antioxidants are retained. Raw cacao also contains magnesium, and combined with the gentle stimulating effects of anandamide and theobromine, raw cacao can help to keep you energized, healthy and happy.

Coconut Palm Sugar

Sourced from sustainable farms, coconut sugar adds a deliciously light toffee flavor. Naturally low GI, and rich in minerals, it sweetens without an unwanted spike in blood sugar.

Vanilla Powder & Himalayan Sea Salt

These premium organic additions transform the flavor profile into a truly decadent combination.

Discover more about the Superfood Greens Blend here.



Food Matters Superfood Protein

But What Makes This Superfood Protein Blend Unique?

It’s about the quality of our ingredients!

Our protein combines a unique blend of smooth, organic, non-GMO pea protein with nourishing brazil nut protein powder to provide all 9 essential amino acids, making it a complete protein source. Brazil nuts support a healthy metabolism, aid your body’s natural detoxification pathways, and protects against oxidative stress! Whilst pea protein provides a hypoallergenic, pure source of readily absorbed protein. There’s absolutely no artificial colors, flavors, fillers or harmful ingredients, just pure plant-based nutrition.

  • REPLENISH - Proteins are made up of amino acids which form the building blocks of our body, supporting everything we do! Your body is unable to create all of the amino acids it needs to build vital cells, enzymes, and hormones, so you must get them from what you eat. Our blend is made with a unique combination of premium, plant-based proteins including pea protein and brazil nut protein powder to provide the complete amino acid profile your body needs to thrive.
  • RESTORE - Protein helps us to maintain our natural radiance! A poor diet without adequate protein can sap your energy and contribute to premature ageing. Consuming a healthy diet with enough protein nourishes our cells, including our hair, skin, and nails, boosting their natural vibrancy and strength. Our blend helps to restore your body’s natural radiance with the powerful combination of easy to digest protein and antioxidant and mineral-rich superfoods.
  • RECOVER - Protein helps your body repair and heal, boosting your immune system, and energizing your day! Whether you’re working out, or just working hard, your body needs protein to support a healthy immune system and repair damaged tissues. Aside from protein, our blend contains lucuma, mesquite, cinnamon and vanilla which offer a powerful healing combination of vitamin C, B complex vitamins, iron, zinc and protein, as well as antioxidant protection and anti-inflammatory compounds to help your cells recover and repair.


Many people find whey protein extremely difficult to digest due to the casein, resulting in uncomfortable, embarrassing digestive symptoms. The key is finding a blend that has a complete amino acid profile to ensure you’re getting all the goodness you need.


Whey protein can be:

  • Difficult to digest
  • Highly processed
  • Often mixed with unnatural fillers and artificial ingredients
  • Non-organic
  • High in toxins due to the animal’s diet
  • High in heavy metal residues

Plant based protein

Plant protein is:

  • Dairy free
  • Allergy friendly
  • Easy to digest
  • Minimally processed to retain nutrients

Only The Finest Ingredients!

When we created this blend, we wanted to make sure that it was loaded with highly-digestible nutrients and still tasted great, without compromising on the ingredients! So we did!

Pea Protein Isolate and Brazil Nut Protein Powder

Our unique protein blend is packed with 10 grams of bio­available, highly digestible plant protein per serve for easy drinking and instant nutrition. A complete protein, this smooth blend contains all the essential amino acids you need to repair and restore your cells.

Lucuma & Mesquite

Rich in minerals, lucuma and mesquite add a nutritious depth, flavor and drinkability to the blend.

Cinnamon, Vanilla & Himalayan Sea Salt

Our blend contains no added sugar, instead gently sweetened with these nourishing, soothing ingredients, creating warmth and boosting nutrition.

Discover more about the Superfood Protein Blend here.



Food Matters Superfoods Vitamin C

What Makes Superfood Vitamin C Unique?

We’ve combined three of the world’s most vitamin C rich superfoods and kept the processing to a bare minimum to ensure the rich antioxidant power is preserved and readily available to support and nourish your body!



What’s The Difference Between Natural And Synthetic Vitamin Supplements?

Almost all vitamin supplements are made from synthetic ingredients that are cheaper to make and can last on shelves for years. Unfortunately, they’re allowed to be called ‘natural’ as scientists sell the synthetics as being “virtually identical” to the ones found in real food. But they’re completely missing the point!

Synthetic vitamins are isolated or simulated nutrients that do not take into account all the countless health-promoting phytonutrients that are found within the real food. We are only just beginning to understand how all of the compounds in wholefoods work together and react in our bodies to support our health. So it’s crazy to consume something so artificial and expect it to work as nature intended!

Synthetic supplements

  • Isolated or simulated nutrients
  • Cheap to make and usually non-organic
  • Lacks natural health-promoting phytonutrients
  • Can be hard to digest and difficult to absorb

Natural supplements

  • Consumed in wholefood form
  • Made with premium ingredients
  • Easier to digest and absorb
  • Rich in phytonutrients

Only The Finest Ingredients!

We’ve combined three of the world’s most vitamin C rich superfoods to bring you a convenient and deliciously smooth supplement to support all aspects of your health!

Acerola Berry Powder

A bright red cherry-like fruit with 65 times more vitamin C than oranges, easily absorbed by the body. This super berry also contains a readily available source of antioxidants and B vitamins for general wellness and energy support.

Goji Berry Powder

Used in Chinese medicine for more than 6000 years, these nutrient-rich berries contribute vitamin C and antioxidants to the blend.

Camu Camu Powder

A small but ultra-potent fruit used by ancient cultures to support the immune system, ward off infections, and help maintain optimal health, especially under stress.

Support your body’s strength and vitality naturally with our Superfood Vitamin C!

Discover more about the Superfood Vitamin C Blend here.

Superfood Vitamin C

Ingredients: Organic acerola berry powder, organic goji berry powder, organic camu camu powder.

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Superfood Greens

Ingredients: Organic wheat grass juice powder, organic barley grass juice powder, organic alfalfa grass juice powder, organic spirulina, organic chlorella, organic mesquite, organic vanilla, organic cinnamon

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Superfood Chocolate

Ingredients: Organic raw cacao powder, organic coconut palm sugar, organic vanilla powder, Himalayan sea salt.

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Superfood Protein

Ingredients: Organic pea protein isolate, organic brazil nut protein powder, organic lucuma powder, organic mesquite powder, organic cinnamon powder, himalayan sea salt, organic vanilla powder.

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